We’re Talking… Full-Backs, Over-Hyping and José Mourinho

Oh José, my old friend. You’ve actually gone and lost to Arsène Wenger. One of the few things that hadn’t been tarnished in recent years was your imperious record against the Arsenal stalwart. Well, now it’s gone I’m afraid mate. You tried to dish out some sympathetic pity to the Gunners in your post-match press conference, but let’s face it, that must have hurt. The worst Arsenal side in many a year and they do you over 2-0 with complete ease. Admittedly, you have the Europa League to think about but c’mon José, it’s Celta Vigo!

Have a Go José

A statistic was doing the rounds on Monday night that would have been more worrying for Manchester United fans than Sunday’s loss at the Emirates itself. In a table showing ‘goals scored away to top 6 sides’ Mourinho’s men sat rock bottom with zero. It’s a damning fact that epitomises one of the ‘Special One’s’ most stereotypical managerial aspects. He’s one of the best at it – going away to a rival side and suffocating the game into a 0-0 or 1-1 draw; we saw a peak example of this against Manchester City just over a week ago. It’s a tactic based on grit, organisation and discipline, but what does it sacrifice?

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We’re Talking… Bottlejobs, Journalism and David Moyes

So Sunderland are down. I think I can speak on behalf of the Premier League when I say “about f*****g time”, no? Obviously, it was a sight to behold watching them survive from the death, then doing it again, and again. Sometimes, though, you have to put the dying creature out of its misery. Who was the man to valiantly step up and do this? The only man in football with a reputation declining quicker than that of Sunderland – Mr.David Moyes.

What Are You Like Moysey?

It’s quite incredible that only a matter of years ago, ‘Moyesy’ was considered one of the best manager’s in the league. The Scot was ‘hot property’ and was so highly rated that he managed to rob himself the Manchester United hot-seat. That went well didn’t it. Then he was feeling a bit exotic and travelled to the Basque Country to take the reigns of Real Sociedad. The fact his stint in Spain was known for the time he took some crisps from a fan in the stands says all you need to know about that tenure.

For Sunderland, Moyes looked like a good appointment. Good track record as the underdog and capable of building a project with limited resources. When the end of October came and they had a total of TWO points, the fairytale looked quicker than  Arsenal collapse – more on that later. Six months later and they’re dead and gone, without showing so much as a murmur all year. Every interview looked like a counselling session for Moyes, the least inspiring manager I think I’ve ever seen.

If you survive Moyesy – which looks unlikely – stick at it with Sunderland and start re-building both the club and your reputation. If you get the chop, take an upper Championship job and slowly work your way back to where you want to be, under the radar and without the risk of further embarrassment, you poor, poor man.

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