Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand new blog. I know most of you initially reading this are going to be absolutely sick of seeing my writing on the internet. I’ve had a football blog before (Let’s Talk Football) and I’m currently writing a blog for my Year Abroad (Time to Make Some Mates). I’m a consistent spammer of people’s social media timelines and thanks to this that’s only going to get worse!

Anyway, why exactly am I resurrecting my football-writing career? Well primarily I’m a big reader of all things football. My Twitter timeline is a pub full of ex and current pros, journalists, pundits, chairman and every possible niche expert from Klopp tactics to Argentinean football. It’s actually quite embarrassing to show a non-football loving acquaintance a glimpse of my TL. Either way, I see it all on a daily basis and my brain is fed a bulging conveyor belt of world football news and opinions.


It’s kick-off time….

This would lead the everyday man to question how I plan to fit myself into that already over-populated crowd. It’s naïve to think I’m going to stroll in and ‘break the internet’ or any of that rubbish, but that’s not the aim. As I mentioned I’m currently living abroad, in Brazil and previously Argentina, and I see that as a huge luxury and honey-pot for football material.


Everyday I meet new people from all over the world and 75% (at least) of my conversations with them end in football. For me, there’s few things more interesting football-wise than hearing what foreigners think of the current hot topics of the sport. Whether it be the title race or international teams or a new upcoming talent, they can offer a completely different insight that we would never see in our closed English bubble. I want to share this stuff and utilise their opinions to support my articles.

Not every article will be like this but it’s a refreshing angle to aim for a bit of uniqueness. The majority of this blog will – unfortunately – be made up of my opinions on the game. I could chat about this sport for a longer time than my Football Manager game time (and that is a lot of time) and so this blog will be a blank canvas for about 5% of my thoughts. Seems like nothing but that shows the scale of me and my mates’ expansion of football brain


Your host – flag bearer, poser, writer…

I’m going to put it out there quickly, I’m a Chelsea fan. That was brave considering 90% of people just closed the tab. It was nice while it lasted. Honestly though, I’m not here to wax lyrical about the team currently sitting 9 points clear at the top of the table led by the greatest manager of all time, I promise. I want to be fair and I’m putting my biased to one side for this blog. Obviously my opinions regarding Chelsea are strongest, yet this isn’t a ‘Chelsea blog’ and I’m open to topics from all teams from Accrington Stanley to Boca Juniors to Real Madrid.

So that’s that for the pre-match warm-up, no-one’s pulled their hamstring so far so we’re all good. It remains to be seen whether this blog will be a Liverpool (promise so much but offer so little), an Arsenal (start strong but fade away) or a Chelsea (successful from start to finish) – this may have been a little biased and I apologise. No more bias now. The dream would be for this to get a decent and, more importantly, interactive audience that would respond and request topics to be discussed.


The first bloke banned from this blog is…

Enough rambling now, I could go on more but Mike Dean has the whistle in his mouth and is frantically waving that he’s ready to start the game. 3,2,1 aaaand he’s done a no-look whistle!

We’re Talking Football.

Thanks for reading.

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